Payment Methods

Pay the Way You Want

Honiss accepts credit card and PayPal as the payment methods. Both of these payment methods are user-friendly, highly secured and extremely efficient. We uses advanced encryption and state-of-the-art SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so you can be assured that your information will be protected from any unauthorised usage. You can also be assured that your confidential information will remain confidential. If you pay by Paypal immediate payment (credit card option), we will be able to confirm your payment immediately and we will dispatch your order within 2 business day.

Credit Card

Buyers can pay using their Visa or Mastercard.


The most convenient payment method in the world.

Please Note:

  • We are not responsible for the collection/reimbursement of extra charges incurred, e.g. IOF Tax or Interest Payments.
  • Additional fees may be levied by your CC company via our partner offering the payment options.