Humans replaced by robots?


Recently several major events taken place in the field of artificial intelligence, which deeply make us touched.

Late in last month, a robot named Sofia was granted the citizenship of Saudi Arabia, who become the world's first robot citizen. Prior to this, Google's DeepMind team launched "AlphaGo Zero", who quickly self-study Go from the blank state, and successfully crushed the previous master “AlphaGo”, becoming "the strongest version of AlphaGo" so far. Also, Alibaba AI "Luban", has been improving learning ability since it released. Currently, "Luban" has learned millions of creative design contents, and has possess the capacity to evolve an incredible number of design patterns.



How terrible are robots?

With the rapid development of deep machine learning, the robot brain has evolved to a staggering degree. It is mentioned that in the future artificial intelligence will lead to great changes in the industrial structure. Some industries may disappear, and new industries will be born. Industries, especially like those labour-intensive industries are likely to be affected by AI. A research predicts that almost half of the work done by humans at the moment may be automated by 2055, including lawyers, teachers, journalists, middle managers, actors, clerks, therapists, drivers and more.

In fact, robots are divided into two different types: ordinary robots and artificial intelligence robots. The main difference between them is that intelligence robots have self-learning ability while ordinary robots do not. In the past, the relationship between human and machines were unidirectional. However, the machines in the future would be capable of cognition, perception and judgment. At that time, the relationship will become two-way, and robots could do many things instead of people.


Actually robots are still not that smart

 In fact, machines are unable to deal with simple problems. For example, although it is relatively easy to make a computer playing chess like a professional, to make the computer feel and act like a one-year-old child is quite difficult or even impossible. Some Intelligence experts are not going with "smart robots". They point out that robots may play chess well but it is only limited to playing chess. Anxiety about being killed by machines is unnecessary. As for concentrating on a very narrow area, robots might be the winner. However, it will not work if we extended to more specific areas.

They also indicated that artificial intelligence could be really fragile in a multi-dimensional situation. For instance, if people say ’he is excellent’ in an incredulous voice, we can immediately understand the meaning behind it, but it is very hard to let robots have the same interaction. 


The future of AI and robotics

Robotics development is at the turning point of the machine evolution. Robotics and artificial intelligence have just started to connect to each other. However, it may take a long way to blend together. With the participation of artificial intelligence, robotics has entered a new stage of machine development. Different from the traditional concept of robot, intelligence robot and human life, health, culture, education, etc., are more closely related in the future.

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