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Are you ready for the future smart life?

11 Dec 2017 0 Comments

Have you ever imaged how the future life would be with these days’ advanced technology?

At dawn, the curtains will be automatically opened; And you will use your cell phone to check your sleep figures for last night after you wake up. At the same time, the LCD screen on the refrigerator will show stock details, and tell you how these ingredients can be made for your meals by touching the screen. When you leave for work, the door locks are set to the automatic security mode. Even on the halfway, you may receive a message saying that a window in your home was opened. Then you instantly check on your mobile phone. The fact is that the cat in your house wanted to jump out of the window for a sunbath.

These scenes are not only from science fiction movies. It is called artificial intelligence, and they will soon come into our lives in the near future. From the steam engine era to the era of intelligent machines, humans are constantly exploring the power of intelligence. Nowadays, the smart devices from fiction movies are not just a commercial gimmick that attracts the attention of their customers, but have really evolved into reality.

So what the smart life will be like? Now let me take you to experience a typical day of the future smart world:


  • Morning

When the first rays of the sunshine climbs onto the windowsill, the curtains slowly unfold.  And the curtains are full of emotions. They are always obedient. The only thing you need to do is to say hello to them and ask them to open.

The mood in the early morning should be cultivated, and the music would be the best point. At that moment, the house appears to be able to perceive how we feel, and starts to play a soothing music. When you double-click on your smart watch, the coffee machine and toasters in the kitchen begin to work happily.


  • Breakfast

After washing and brushing, a cup of fragrant coffee and two baked golden toast are ready. The temperature in living room has also been adjusted to a comfortable state according to the weather. Listening to the splendid music, you enjoy your breakfast.

In the meantime, you tap on the message prompts on the table and quickly review the schedule. Now you are pretty confident with the work plan of the day. Unintentionally, you find that fresh vegetables are run out from the refrigerator reminder. So you open the mobile app of community life, and place an order from the online market after choosing the freshest vegetables.

Having finished your breakfast, it is time for work. You switch smart system to “Away mode” at the entrance. Suddenly the music stops, the air conditioning and lighting has all been shut down.



  • Work

Upon the arrival to the office, you suddenly realize the doors and windows at home seem not closed yet. However, you secretly feel relieved. Cross the reception desk, you take a seat in the front of you work desk and open the indoor monitoring system from you mobile. Everything in your house is under surveillance, and you find the doors and windows are actually closed.

At around 5pm in the day, your busy work is finally over. You pick your phone up, pre-setting the curtains to open mode, as well as air conditioning to a comfortable temperature. You feel relieved since you will be home to have a really good rest. 



  • Back Home

Home is a warm harbor. And only at home, you can temporarily put down heavy baggage.

When reaching at the front door, I find that the delivery guy with the fresh vegetables had been waiting there with a smile. You touch the door lock gently with your right thumb, and the door opened automatically.

At this time the house lights, the curtains open, the evening breeze drifts from outside of the window. The room temperature is just right and the background music system is playing a soothing melody.



  • Dinner

After a busy day, it is time to do something nice for yourself. So you walk into the kitchen to prepare dinner. In fact, cooking has become very easy for you. The refrigerator has already shown how to be more nutrition balanced based on the existing ingredients, and also told you what you can make using these food, with video tutorials of receipts. How sweet! You can follow them to cook whatever you want.


  • Bathing

After dinner, you decide to take a warm bath. And at that moment the system has already se up everything for you including the water temperature in the heater, air conditioning and music, lighting. Having a bath in comfortable warm water and listening to relaxing music, your fatigue immediately eliminates.



  • Good Night

Late at night, you fell a little sleepy.  Lying on the bed, you check on the phone to make sure that the doors are locked, and that the curtains, air conditioning, and lighting round your house are turned off. With everything checked, you start to enjoy a nice sleep with peace of mind.



Sure, the future smart life is not limited to these. With continually developed technology, our life will be equipped with more amazing smart elements.

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