7 incredible uses of drones


As for the term of drone, you may connect it with army, war, and spying as we can see from movies in the past. However, in recent years, we have witnessed that the drone industry is growing fast. Many releases and news about drones have entirely caught our attention. The potential of drones has been widely recognized in terms of the use of drones in our life as well as commercial application.

So what make drones so popular? Of course, as you can see in most news, drones are widely used in different areas including capturing live event, delivering small stuff, inspecting building, and monitoring wildlife. Of course, today we are not going to talk about these professional use of drones. Here are some really awesome ways that drones are used, which probably blow your mind.


  • Drawing in the sky

Image you want to confess your love to a girl or make a proposal to your girlfriend. What would you like to do to increase the success rate? Use drones with LED lights installed on them to draw words or patterns that could express whatever you want in a dark sky at a beautiful night. Perfect!


  • Surfing

You might go for surfing every weekend. Why not try it like this next time?


  • Walking a dog

I know many of you live with your pets, and often you need to walk the dogs and play with them to make them happy. How about using drones instead?


  • Changing bulbs

Changing bulbs could be very annoying if you can’t find a high stand to reach. Now drones can help you solve this problem.


  • BBQ

Can’t stand high temperature when making a barbeque. Here is an alternative for you.


  • Anti theft

This function may help you reduce the possibility of being stealing from your property.


  • Chasing criminals

Don’t you think our society could be more stable and secure if drones can be used for catching criminals. 



Are these creative use of drones out of your mind? In fact, drones have become very popular devices that could be used extensively in our life. With the introduction of new technology in the future, drones would bring us more additional value.

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