• 7 incredible uses of drones

    7 incredible uses of drones

    As for the term of drone, you may connect it with army, war, and spying as we can see from movies in the past. However, in recent years, we have witnessed that the drone industry is growing fast. Many releases and news about drones have entirely caught our attention. The potential of drones has been widely recognized in terms of the use of drones...
  • Humans replaced by robots?

    Humans replaced by robots?

    Recently several major events taken place in the field of artificial intelligence, which deeply make us touched. Late in last month, a robot named Sofia was granted the citizenship of Saudi Arabia, who become the world's first robot citizen. Prior to this, Google's DeepMind team launched "AlphaGo Zero", who quickly self-study Go from the blank state, and successfully crushed the previous master “AlphaGo”, becoming...
  • Are you ready for the future smart life?

    Are you ready for the future smart life?

    Have you ever imaged how the future life would be with these days’ advanced technology? At dawn, the curtains will be automatically opened; And you will use your cell phone to check your sleep figures for last night after you wake up. At the same time, the LCD screen on the refrigerator will show stock details, and tell you how these ingredients can be...
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